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About Us

Our Market Position 

Nucleus Network is Australia’s largest and most experienced Phase I Clinical Research Organisation (CRO)

We service global Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical companies from U.S., North America, Europe, and Asia including China, Taiwan and Japan

Years of Operation 

More than 15 years

Who we work with

Global Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical companies


The conduct of First-in-Human (FIH) Clinical Trials and other Phase I Clinical Trials including Biosimilars

Our Services & Capabilities 

Number of Studies Per Annum

We conduct 50-60 Phase I Clinical Trials annually

Approximately 50% (25-30) of the trials we run each year are true First-in-Human studies

Our Experience


90% of our current client base are from the U.S., and 80% of our revenue is driven by returning clients

Our Location

Comparative Study Costs: Australia vs. Global markets, including U.S.

Australia is up to 25% more cost effective in a head-to-head comparison to Clinical Trials conducted in the U.S.

Australia’s R&D Incentive Scheme 

Access to Healthy Adult Populations

Melbourne, Australia is a culturally diverse and active city with a large number of university students and Asian populations

Access to Patients

Direct access to patients within various therapeutic areas through our co-location to a major hospital and medical research precinct

Our Locations 

Capabilities and Facilities

Our 80-bed, purpose-built Clinical Trial unit is both EMA and FDA-inspected, with extensive in-house pharmacy and laboratory capabilities

Services & Capabilities 

Our People

Respected, internationally recognised, executive management team and highly-trained workforce

Executive Team 


Australian data is accepted for regulatory submission by FDA and EMA

Australia’s Clinical Trial Regulatory Process 

Learn more about conducting Clinical Trials with Nucleus Network