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Our Locations

Co-located with cutting-edge hospitals, research, and technology

We are advantageously located within a medical research precinct and hospital.

Positioned next to Alfred Health and Alfred Research Alliance, Nucleus accesses:

  • World-leading medical, research and technology resources
  • 24/7 on-site access to hospital Emergency Facilities
  • Australia’s largest Intensive/Critical Care and Trauma Unit
  • Interactions with numerous institutes, research organisations and universities

Direct access to premier medical and research

Our location within a world-class medical hub means we have within immediate reach:

  • Australia’s best Trauma and Critical Care Centre
  • Experts in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of:
    • Diabetes and Cardiovascular Diseases, and
    • Infectious Diseases and Immunology
  • Leading Bioanalytical lab with Virology and Immunology and PK/PD expertise
  • Close proximity to PCI, the largest drug manufacturer in the world

Our medical, research & education networks

Alfred Health

Australia’s best Trauma and Critical Care Centre, serving 680,000 people across its hospital network every year

Baker Institute

Experts in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease

Burnet Institute

Researchers in Infectious Diseases and Immunology


Leading Bioanalytical lab with Virology, Immunology and PK/PD expertise

Melbourne, Australia: Multicultural, innovative and entrepreneurial

Nucleus is based in Melbourne, Australia, one of the world’s more livable cities and home to more than 40% of Australia’s biomedical researchers.

Melbourne is renowned for its:

  • Superior clinical research
  • World-class infrastructure and medical facilities
  • Highly-skilled healthcare professionals
  • Concentration of leading research institutes
  • Culturally-diverse populations
  • Highly-concentred demographic of young people
  • Entrepreneurial startup community
  • World-leading biotech hubs

Snapshot of Melbourne’s demographics

100 languages are spoken by residents
Over 140 cultures represented from Indigenous inhabitants to migrants from countries in Europe, Asia and Africa
High concentration of Chinese and Japanese populations
Median age of 28
56% of residents born overseas
35% attending an educational institution

Source: City of Melbourne Facts and Figures

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