13th March 2020

Nucleus Network and its Australian and US clinics continue to monitor and respond to the evolving challenge of the global COVID-19/Coronavirus outbreak. Information is regularly being sourced from the Australian Government Department of Health, Victorian Health Department, Queensland Health Department and the World Health Organisation websites. Nucleus Network and its Australian and US clinics will continue to update and refine its approach to COVID-19 as more information about the virus continues to be learned.

A member of the large coronavirus family COVID-19 presents in most cases as a mild flu-type illness. However, symptoms may be severe or life threatening in elderly patients and those with pre-existing conditions (e.g. diabetes, high blood pressure or cardiovascular disease) or compromised immunity.

To protect our clinic communities, we have implemented additional measures to minimize the introduction or spread of COVID-19 in our organization. This includes additional questioning of participants or site visitors prior to attending our clinics and again upon arrival. Participants and visitors will also be educated on handwashing practices during their visit or inpatient stay.

We ask that any participants or visitors to our clinics provide honest and truthful answers so that the safety of our participants and employees is not compromised.

We look forward to your ongoing support and cooperation in this evolving situation.

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