Undertaking Phase 1 clinical trials in Australia during a time of uncertainty

25th March 2020

10 steps to successfully navigating your next clinical trial

In the presence of challenges facing our industry as a result of Coronavirus (COVID-19), Nucleus Network has developed this comprehensive ten-step white paper to help you navigate successful Phase 1 clinical trials in Australia.

Our preparedness as a business to continue to operate and support the clinical trial requirements of our biotech, pharmaceutical and CRO clients is guided by 10 key pillars:

  1. Multi-Site reach in Australia
  2. Size, scale and savings
  3. World-class medical precincts
  4. Social distancing measures
  5. Robust participant pipeline
  6. Rigorous participant screening
  7. Dedicated trial teams
  8. Gold standard infection control
  9. Cross-functional response team
  10. Supply chain surety

These 10 key pillars underpin our processes, behaviours and values as Australia’s largest Phase 1 clinical trials provider. They also ensure we can continue to support our clients’ clinical trials requirements during this pandemic crisis and prepare them well for the next large-scale challenge.

Nucleus is the vital first step in unlocking the next generation of vaccines.

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