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Service & Capabilities

Largest Early Phase Clinical Trial Facility in Australia 

We undertake more Early Stage Clinical Trials than any other facility within Australia.

Our dedicated 80-bed inpatient facility is located on a major tertiary hospital campus, giving us unique access to patient populations and medical expertise.

Of the 50-60 Phase I Trials we conduct annually approximately 50% of these are true First-in-Human.

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Most internationally-experienced Phase I Facility in Australia

We conduct high-quality Early Phase Clinical Trials for global companies across the U.S., North America, Europe, and Asia including China, Taiwan and Japan.

90% of our Biotech and Pharmaceuticals clients are based in the U.S

80% of our work is from Biotechs based in Boston, San Francisco & San Diego

Over 80% of our revenue is driven by repeat clients

Direct access to world-class medical expertise

Alfred Health and Alfred Medical Research & Education Precinct (AMREP) hospital precincts house world-class medical expertise, facilities and research hubs.

Due to our location within AMREP we access the following clinical areas:

Allergy – Gluten challenge, nasal challenge, skin prick testing
Cardiology – Exercise TTE with CPET 
Imaging – CT, Dexa, MRI, PET, Ultrasound, X-Ray
Neuroscience – Ultrasound, EEG, EMG
Pain Assessment Von Frey & Thermostimulatory TSA 
Respiratory – Body Box, NO2 assays, Spirometry, FEV1, FVC
Ophthalmology – IO Pressure, Acuity, etc.

In-house Pharmacy

Our internal Pharmacy is equipped with a Grade A laminar flow in a clean room, and on-site Pharmacy capabilities for just-in-time compounding.

Other facilities include:

  • Aseptic Preparation
  • Powder Handling
  • Comparator Drug Supply
  • Coordination of Import Permits
  • Temperature Monitoring Storage
  • Overseeing / Maintaining Study Blind
  • On-site Compounding
  • Schedule 8 Poisons Permit

Australia’s largest Early Phase Clinical Trial participant pool

Our recruitment database holds more than 55,000 active participants with a high concentration of Caucasian, Japanese and Chinese populations.

Data is refreshed on a tri-annual review cycle and renewed with over 1000 new registrations per month through digital, social media, radio, and print advertising.

Our location within the dynamic city of Melbourne provides us with a large potential candidate recruitment pool, accessed through targeted consumer acquisition and retention marketing programs.

We are experienced with specific populations includes post-menopausal, smoking, obesity, and the elderly.

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